Our Thanksgiving Table


I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, or those of you from the US, anyway. We hosted dinner this year and it was a lot of fun; we had a small group so it wasn’t too stressful. We had to borrow some seating and the plates and glasses didn’t all match but I kind of liked it that way. And we got to really put our new kitchen to the test. One slightly over-cooked turkey later…


I made my first pumpkin pie and I don’t think anyone left hungry. Success.

baking illustrated pumpkin pie

I had fun planning the table setting…I finally had an excuse to polish up my gold flatware and pull out the candlesticks that we got for our wedding! I rescued the old board from Reid’s burn pile and my family sent the flower arrangement that perfectly finished off the look.


I had an extra bunch of rosemary so I dressed up the empty plates with a sprig tied with hemp rope.

gold flatware

Pinterest came in handy and I found this free printable banner by The TomKat Studio.

give thanks banner

I think setting a table might be my new favorite thing to do. I really should do it more often…no need to wait for a holiday, right?

And now it’s officially the Christmas season….and then comes a baby. Gulp. I’m so ready but also not ready at all…32 weeks and counting! My to-do list is probably taller than I am.


Oh, and I am planning on doing more farmhouse updates but I’ll probably do it by room, as we get them finished. We have two light fixtures hanging now so we’ve made some progress! Only about 17 more to go…

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Farmhouse Update | part six

You know when you have a million things to get done and all you can do is walk around in circles? Yeah, that’s me right now. I’m probably about halfway done packing but now I’m just sitting on the couch, willing the rest of our belongings to jump into boxes by themselves. It’s not working. But on a happier note, we’re moving this weekend! We had a bunch of people show up to help on Saturday and we were able to finish the big things to get it ready.

There are still plenty of small things to be done but we’ll get to them eventually, like painting trim and doors, finishing the crown molding, and putting up light fixtures, etc. The side entry and basement both need a lot of work too. I still need to give it a good scrub but here are some pictures before all of our clutter piles in.

farmhouse dining room

I am going to slowly order light fixtures. For our last house we just went out and bought them all at once and I never really liked them. Hopefully I can find some unique ones that don’t break the bank!

farmhouse renovations

These beams still need some work; they are a little too rough!

farmhouse kitchen 4

We need to order the range hood and we plan to build an island/prep table at some point.

farmhouse kitchen 2

I love how the countertops turned out! They have some imperfections but I think they fit the house well. I’m hoping they hold up!

ikea butcher block countertops

wooden countertops

butcher block countertops

My brother-in-law found these copper pipes at a scrap yard and I love the look of them exposed. We still need to figure out what we are going to do for a vanity mirror and storage.

exposed copper pipes

subway tile shower

I only got a couple pictures of the upstairs but here’s Matilda’s room (can you even tell it’s pink??)…

pink room

And the nursery.


It’s crazy to see everything come together. I sometimes have too many ideas and it’s hard to narrow it down to what will work together and what is practical. Now for the fun part…furnishing it!

Saturday can’t come soon enough.

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Farmhouse Update | part five

When I did the first update post I was thinking that maybe we would be done by this point…now I’m envisioning myself writing ‘farmhouse update, part seventeen’ at some point. Only kidding, we are actually less than two weeks from our move date! We aren’t going to finish everything completely but it will be livable and the things that need to be done only aesthetic (for the most part).

The kitchen is taking shape, piece by piece. The backsplash and sink have been installed and the window now has trim. We went with bead board for the backsplash to stick with the classic farmhouse style and the sink is a cast iron apron front beauty. The lighting was really harsh when I went to get pictures but you get the idea.

farmhouse kitchen sink

The countertops were delivered! I knew I wanted butcher block countertops so we decided to order them from Ikea. We originally got a quote from a local vendor and they were so expensive so this really was our only option. We ordered three pieces of Numerar birch and Reid cut them to size and sanded the finish off of them. He coated the bottom side with a polyurethane sealer (the same stuff he used on the floors) and then conditioned and stained the top with a walnut stain. We are going to seal them with many coats of Waterlox and hopefully they hold up well! We won’t be cutting on them directly so that’s why we decided to stain them rather than oil them.


I only have a blurry picture of part of the stained countertop but I’ll post some once they have been sealed. Reid did them last night so I actually haven’t even seen them in person yet! I agonized over these things for many, many weeks (stain and seal vs. oil, what color stain, what sort of finish, etc.) so I’m just glad to have them almost done. I couldn’t sleep the other night because we bought stain and I was panicking that it was going to be too red. Needless to say, I had Reid running out to get new stain on his way to the house. I might be slowly going crazy but no one can be sure.

It was a big week for the kitchen, I guess, because the appliances were delivered as well! We decided on the KitchenAid Architect Series II line in stainless steel and got a great deal on them from a local store. Drum roll, please…

kitchenaid double gas range

I mean, it has a bread proofing function, which is obviously why I needed it. This is my first time owning a gas range (and a double oven) and I can’t wait to test it out. I’m really excited about the fifth burner in the center that has a cast iron griddle attachment; I think breakfast just got a little easier. We also purchased a dishwasher (!!!) and a french door refrigerator.

farmhouse kitchen

Moving upstairs, past the snack queen…


We still have lots to do. Only one room is fully painted, the rest still need primer and paint. Only some of the ceilings are done and the floors still need to be cleaned up and coated.


farmhouse renovations

white walls and pine floors



Whew! Think we can get it done by Saturday? I’m hoping to have next week to get it cleaned up and then we’ll move in that weekend. Cross your fingers and toes, won’t you?

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